CFFM would like to thank everyone who pitched in and contributed towards our donation campaign in conjunction with our COVID-19 crisis appeal. CFFM's family wants you to know how much we value your support.


Within four (4) days from the day we launched our donation campaign, CFFM has received RM 3,530.00 (target is RM 40,000) from the generous public. We are truly inspired by the dedication and support you have shown to us. Words can't describe how grateful we are.


The donation campaign is still happening and we once again seek the kind assistance of generous donors to aid CFFM during this COVID-19 crisis. Sustainability and survival of CFFM at this point of time would depend very much on the generosity of donors to help us get through this period.


HP: 013-8023547 (Pls notify us with your online giro slip to acquire receipt. TQVM.)