Coconut oil is used as the based for hard oil. Sacha Inchi and Olive is used as the based for Soft Oil. Why Coconut Oil is much more than Sacha Inchi and Olive? Because hard oil has to be more in percentage so that the soap will harden less than 3 months.

If we used soft oil more than the hard oil, the soap will only harden after 3 to 6 months. Some harden after 1 year.  Also, Sacha Inchi do not have much bubbles to it. So coconut is good for lather (bubbles) for throughly cleaning purpose. Sacha Inchi more than 10% of content will have a potent effect of anti-aging and anti-oxidant because of the balance of Omega and also high amount of of the Omega. So, 25% of Sacha Inchi Oil is actually a lot for a soap. CFFM Sacha Inchi soap will be easier to disintegrate. The reason why is, we use 50% of Soft Oil (Sacha Inchi + Olive Oil). All soft oil soap formula will be easier to disintegrate. A soap that is easy to disintegrate is a sign of high quality soap because of the high content of soft oil (most soft oils are very expensive). 

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