♻️🌳🌱For many years, CFFM has been practicing environmental care, including zero food waste by converting all food waste into organic fertilizers in accordance with Environmental Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Join us to bring the system to the community and to the next generation by donating these materials to us:-

1. Rice Barn

2.Rice hulls (or Rice husk)


4.EM1 (Effective microorganism) 


We believe as a Civil Society Organization, that the betterment of our future society is a collective responsibility, be it as an individual, SME, or corporation.

If you share our values and believe in what we do and wish to contribute together, we invite your partnership in resource sharing be it human resources: relation resources: physical resources, or financial resources.

Individual, Group, or Community.

Advocate for us by 'liking', 'following', and 'sharing' us with your contacts and getting them to do likewise in conversation or through social media FB and Insta. 

Support and promote our handmade produce of natural soap as a social caring movement.

Visit us to explore how your skills and financial resources can make a difference to the children

SMEs and Corporations.

Partner with us as your company's CSR program.

Encourage people within your organization to partner as individuals, groups, or communities as suggested above.


Name: Caring For The Future (Malaysia) Bhd

Acc No: 3148529324

Bank: Public Bank

Bank Swift Code (International ) : PBBEMYKLXXX