You have to be at least 18th years old and above

Able to commit minimum of one (1) week

Pass the volunteer

Not having any infectious diseases


Warden / Childcare
2 People / Minimum of one month

Intake: January 2023 (Now open for interview) 

CFFM is a home for children aged 7 to 17 years old. Our children's home has a programme designed to support children as individuals, not as a group, based on their individual goals. Our children's home conducts more than five (5) activities and programmes on a daily basis. A few compassionate volunteers could make our efforts to provide children with the best education, other training, and even undivided attention more efficient and fruitful while ensuring that children receive the care they need to thrive.

Farm Helper
3 People

Intake: January 2023 (Now open for interview) 

CFFM's land area is 15 acres. One of the objectives of CFFM is to provide training in organic farming (environmentally friendly farming) to CFFM's children and staff, and eventually to promote this practise throughout Sabah. Volunteers will serve as our assistants in ensuring the success of this organic farm, in addition to alleviating CFFM's financial burden, especially in regards to the acquisition of food resources.

Kitchen Helper
1 Person

Intake: January 2023 (Now open for interview) 

Everyone interested in volunteering in the section to cook or even just assisting in preparing the three meals served daily to CFFM residents and children is welcome to apply for the position of Kitchen Helper. Volunteers familiar with the daily nutritional requirements of children are strongly encouraged to apply; however, if you lack experience in the field of cooking, do not worry, as our staff will assist you. 

Available via Zoom / Long- term volunteers

Intake: Contact us now!

Online tutoring is currently available for three (3) subjects, which most of our children are weak. These subjects are Mathematic, English, and Bahasa Melayu. Physical teaching in our centre is by far the most effective method; however, we also have access to computers, the internet, and a premium version of Zoom, which we can use for online tuition so our volunteers won't have to worry about travel time or distance. Please get in touch with us for further information regarding online tutoring.

Local Campers
General volunteers

Intake: Contact us now!

Who are CFFM Local Campers? They are the volunteers who have participated in our Youth Development programme (Work Camp) ever since the beginning of our centre's operation. We are calling all of our local campers who have some spare time to take part in being our volunteers for any volunteer position in our centre. 


Free accommodation

Free food (3 times a day)

Volunteer certificates


Volunteers are subject to CFFM's rules and regulations for the duration of their stay at our centre.