Life Skills Training: Social Skills

Social skills training at CFFM is to increase the children’s ability to perform key social interactions which include greeting people with good etiquette and holding up a conversation. These basic exercises in order to maintain a positive interaction with others are needed prior to transitioning into adulthood.

Life Skills Training: Problem Solving Skills and Mental Well-Being through Children Meeting

A children’s meeting is held every Friday night between 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm whereby the children themselves facilitate discussions regarding issues affecting them whether individually or collectively. The social workers do not interfere with the proceedings but merely play a supporting role.

The meeting functions to address event planning; voice concerns; deal with matters trivial or serious; create solutions. Through these meetings, the children develop problem-solving skills leading to a healthier mental well-being.

Life Skills Training: Cooking Skills

Cooking training is conducted every Saturday and supervised by the caregivers. Training to cook at CFFM focuses on teaching children how to cook - 'the right way'. 'The right way' involves not only how to cook but also how to be safe in the kitchen.

Through this training, children experience a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance which boosts self-esteem. This training also teaches the children the lifelong skill of how to work well with others.

Through the preparation of food, our children are also taught to develop good health through nutrition