CFFM Handmade Soap

We chose hand made soap as our produce to signify to our supporters the restorative work we carry out at CFFM towards the abandoned children just as soap cleanses and restores the skin to its original well-being .

We chose to work with our hands to produce the natural soaps to demonstrate to our children that there is dignity and honor in productive labor instead of relying on handouts. Our children also help in the packaging of the soaps during school holidays.


Unlike commercial soaps that tend to dry your skin because the glycerin has been removed to make profitable lotions, the cold process method used by CFFM have variety of oils for skin nourishment with different selection of natural scents and different anti bacterial and anti inflammation properties depending on natural ingredients used.


Natural Ingredients Range of CFFM Handmade Soap
Coconut Oil; Rice Bran Oil; Moringa; Turmeric; Mangosteen; Cinnamon; Lemongrass; Peppermint; Rosemary; Clove.
Soap Properties.pdf
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We consciously use biodegradable packaging of Kraft food grade wrapping paper and origami paper.


For the above reasons, please do support our produce yourself and promote it to others to support so that together we can start a social caring movement to enable us to better serve the needy of our society for a better future. Please share our FB post!