The social work that we do at Caring For the Future Malaysia might seem a drop in the ocean in addressing the many needs of the society in Sabah, however we believe to make a significant difference at large, we need to be working with the right foundations from where we are. Some features of these foundations we strive to apply in our organization include:


#Edifying Core Values of love, protect and respect for a socially responsible governance and operation.


#Human Sustainability through familial and community care instead of institutional care.


#Socioeconomic People Development as opposed to handout dependency.


#Economic Sustainability through social enterprise and corporate social responsibility.


#Environmental Sustainability through organic agriculture and waste up-cycling.


We believe as a Civil Society Organization, the betterment of our future society is a collective responsibility, be it as individuals, SMEs, corporations or government. If you share our values and believe in what we do at Caring For the Future Malaysia as well as wish to contribute together, we invite your partnership in the area of resource sharing be it human resources; relational resources; physical resources or financial resources towards this goal. As a partnership suggestion, if you are a:


Individual, Group or Community


#Advocate for us by 'liking', 'following' and 'sharing' us to your contacts and getting them to do likewise whether in conversation or through social media at FB/cffmalaysia or instagram @cff_malaysia


#Support and promote our hand made produce of natural soap for your own use and to your network as a social caring movement.


#Visit us to explore how your skills and financial resources can make a difference to the lives of the children.


SMEs and Corporations


#Partner us as your company's CSR program to enable us to scale up our operations to reach out to more children in need effectively.


#Encourage people within your organization to partner as individual, group or community as above suggested actions.


 'Now, Everyone Can Care' for the future of Sabah, Malaysia, i.e. Caring For the Future Malaysia


Contribute to us:

Caring For The Future (Malaysia) Berhad

Public Bank Berhad

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