History of Caring For the Future Malaysia (CFFM)

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2013 Charity Concert

“Children are Our Hope”

June 8, 2013/09/30

Objective: Supportive Donation for Establishment of Children’s Main House


By CFF Malaysia and the Fourth Division of Papar in Sabah

Charity Music Concert for Establishment of Children’s House in 2013 

2011 Charity Concert

On the 7th May, 2011 Charity Concert was held at the hall of Tun Raffae in Kota Kinabalu, which ended with a huge success. The concert consisted of various programs: a piano performance by Mr. and Mrs. Abe, who is a President of the board of CFF Malaysia, a professional musical of opera, and Chinese folk songs. The audience gave applause to these all the performances.


For this concert, the senior vice minister of the division of social development and the consul general at Japanese consular office in Kota Kinabalu attended as the honorable guests. Malaysian national TV broadcasts the vice minister’s message to positively support CFF Malaysia; thanks to it, CFF Malaysia gained social credibility. Moreover, as many as 51 companies and individuals made contribution of around RM92,000; thus, we gained more than RM127,000  including the income of concert tickets. RM117,000, which is the left after deducting the expense for the concert, is going to be used for developing Children’s House.


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