The work camp is an original fundraising program designed by CFF Japan for the youth development program through volunteering to other CFF such as CFF Malaysia, CFF Philippines, and CFF Myanmar. CFF Malaysia is collaborating with CFF Japan to gather the youth to this youth development program where the Japanese university students will be volunteering at CFF Malaysia together with the Malaysian local youth for a 10 days program. While doing volunteer work, there will be daily seminars and activities prepared for the campers to discuss, practice and review in order to gain more understanding of their daily topics and works. Their on-site presence is welcomed and helps enhance the social interaction of the children with such visitors.

Days Details of Activities  
Day 1

08.30 AM - Arrival at Meet up point

09.00 AM - Visiting and Talk at Seri Mengasih

12.00 PM - Lunch

01.30 PM - Mini study tour

02.30 PM - Go to CFF Malaysia centre

03.30 PM - Orientation in CFF Malaysia

06.00 PM - Dinner

07.30 PM - Opening activities

09.00 PM - End of Activities

Day 2 - Day 9

Volunteer program (Activities will be confirmed daily by the Work Camp Leader)

Day 10

Memorial making 

Go back (All volunteers will be dropped at Kota Kinabalu International Airport)


CFF Malaysia

CFF Japan