Children Individual Support Program (CISP)

  • Schooling (Public School)

  • E-Learning

  • English Tuition

  • Japanese language lesson (optional)

  • Other Tuition

  • Basic computing skills

CISP is a program that helps each child to develop his well-being and improve his education by his own initiative supported by the welfare team of CFFM. It is a month to a few months plan undertaken by each child under the guidance of the welfare team. Each term, every child has to set individual achievable targets related to living skills, social skills, or self-care in the area of wellbeing. In the area of education, an example of measurable targets can be writing a targeted number of essays every week, spelling targeted a number of words, and reading a targeted number of books. At the end of the term, the welfare team together with the child evaluates the result according to the “CISP” targets set by the child to explore how the child can make further improvements.